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The technology we use captures

the beauty of the real world

Unmatched logistics and technology

Live our expeditions as if you were part of it. The 4K/UHD/HDR technology immerses you into The Explorers adventures. Lights, colors, details: you are at the heart of the action!

The Explorers is an adventure that aims at inventorying the beauty of our natural resources. The choice of a high technology equipment is thus a crucial part of our approach. The super pixelation of 4K/UHD technologies produces images of an astonishing realism. It puts you in the action and makes you an actor of our Expeditions. You become part of The Explorers and follow our adventures from within. The precision, the detail, the quality and the image definition make you see the world in a new way. You are no longer a viewer, but you enter the screen and live the action. In the middle of our studio-boat, with a gyrostabilized helicopter system shooting at 360° (Shotover K1), 4K/UHD/HDR cameras, Angénieux lenses on all cameras (land-based, aerial and submarine), make you feel like one of The Explorers.

About Technical Bateau Studio Explorers

Boat studio


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All-terrain vehicle


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Camera case


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Angénieux & Canon


About Technical Helicoptere Explorers

Ecureuil B2 bi-turbine


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Apple and Lacie


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SONY F5 or F55 with RAW recorder


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Apple and Adobe


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Shotover K1