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The Explorers

A human adventure to serve Nature

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Our heritage is our identity, our roots and our future

We entered the third millennium. Our world is undergoing deep transformations and upheavals, both from a living and technological point of view. 
Our project, with The Explorers, is to take inventory of all the planet’s heritage with the latest technology: 4K/HDR. Witnesses of the living and of biodiversity, our images are a life insurance for the planet. They sensitize humanity to the earth’s marvels as well as the fragility of its ecosystems. At the closest to reality, 4K/UHD technology plunges you into total immersion in natural environments. The images precision, their realism, the rendering of color make you live the adventure as if you were part of it. The Explorers, allows you to see the world as you’ve never seen before, and realize how beautiful it is, but also how frail.


Earth is our home. We share this living space with an infinity of animal and vegetal species, surrounded by air and water. These elements are precious and frail. They allow the existence of something unique in the known universe : Life. Since I was a child, later on studying medicine, and in all the steps of my life in general, I was always fascinated by the miracle of life. The globe’s surface can be compared to the human body, it is composed of 70% of water. This symbol is meaningful when you know that this globe, necessary to the existence of our species is not always treated well. Learn to cure was what I learnt studying : each bone, muscle, organ has a specific and necessary role to play that must be learnt. This formation contributed to guide me towards this big project : The Explorers.

The first step towards consciousness is knowledge. For a doctor, it is about diagnosing. Our planet is sumptuous. Its body of fauna and flora needs to be checked in order to discover all its mysteries, but also to be loved and admired. It is also a precious casket for our humanity. It is the eye of every human in the diversity of his origins and belongings that gives meaning to the work of The Explorers. The environment became a collective concern, which is a good thing. Men were designated as responsible for the ecological disaster. Can they change things if they are divided ? Obvisouly no. So, should we resign and whinge, or create new conflicts on these issues ? It’s even worst. The Explorers set themselves the goal of making a report, doing an inventory of the riches of our world, to show its marvels without hiding the wounds, magnify the most spectacular species without forgetting man, both creator and victim of the mutations he inflicted on Nature. Listen, observe, ask, understand, share, here are the words that guide us. Our goal will always be to raise awareness so that everybody bears a bit of this common story, a story to build and to leave to future generations.

The Explorers’time clock has 12 years. It is the calendar we scheduled to make this report. It’s the necessary time to complete a cycle of explorations and create the first exhaustive storage of archives dedicated to the riches of the earth. We are convinced that through the beauty of the oceans and mountains, the analysis of fauna and flora that are constantly changing, through people testimonies all over our great Home, we will heighten the will of man to look after earth and protect it.

Beauty is a motion that creates feelings. Through the inventory of natural diversity and beauty, we hope people will be moved, and will move.

The Explorers is a modern and visual encyclopedia, composed of an encyclopedist team of our time. Each grain of sand, each insect, each breath of life that we capture illustrates the will of all those, who, through history, participated in a better understanding of the world, to know it and transmit this knowledge. It is to us now, humbly, to pursue this path with the new lights of this century, to contribute to preserve our common heritage, a blue globe we have to preserve if we want it to remain a human place.

Olivier Chiabodo