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Manifesto | The Explorers

The Explorers

A human adventure to serve Nature

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Our heritage is our identity, our roots and our future

We entered the third millennium. Our world is undergoing deep transformations and upheavals, both from a living and technological point of view. 

Our project, with The Explorers, is to take inventory of all the planet’s heritage with the latest technology: 4K/HDR. Witnesses of the living and of biodiversity, our images are a life insurance for the planet. They sensitize humanity to the earth’s marvels as well as the fragility of its ecosystems. At the closest to reality, 4K/UHD technology plunges you into total immersion in natural environments. The images' precision, their realism, the rendering of color make you live the adventure as if you were part of it. The Explorers, allows you to see the world as you’ve never seen before, and realize how beautiful it is, but also how frail.


Earth is our home. We share this living space with an infinite range of animal and vegetal species, surrounded by air and water. These elements are precious and frail. They allow the existence of something unique in the known universe : Life. Since I was a child, later on studying medicine, and in all the steps of my life in general, I was always fascinated by the miracle of life. The globe’s surface can be compared to the human body, it is composed of 70% of water. This symbol is meaningful when you know that this globe, necessary to the existence of our species is not always treated well. The most important thing I learned during my studies was how to heal: each bone, muscle, and organ has a specific and necessary role to play that we must learn. The training I received helped lead me toward this big project: The Explorers.

The first step towards consciousness is knowledge. For a doctor, it is about diagnosing. Our planet is sumptuous. Its body of fauna and flora needs to be checked in order to discover all its mysteries, but also to be loved and admired. It is also the precious backdrop against which we humans live. It is the eye of every human in the diversity of his origins and belongings that gives meaning to the work of The Explorers. The environment became a collective concern, which is a good thing. Human beings are responsible for ecological disasters, but can we disrupt the established order if we are divided? Obvisouly no. So, should we resign and whinge, or create new conflicts on these issues ? That would be even worse. The Explorers set themselves the goal of making a report, doing an inventory of the riches of our world, to show its marvels without hiding the wounds, magnify the most spectacular species without forgetting man, both creator and victim of the mutations he inflicted on Nature. Listen, observe, ask, understand, share, here are the words that guide us. Our goal will always be to raise awareness so that everybody bears a bit of this common story, a story to build and to leave to future generations.

The Explorers’time clock has 12 years. It is the calendar we scheduled to make this report. It’s the necessary time to complete a cycle of explorations and create the first exhaustive storage of archives dedicated to the riches of the earth. We are convinced that through the beauty of the oceans and mountains, the analysis of fauna and flora that are constantly changing, through people testimonies all over our great Home, we will heighten the will of man to look after earth and protect it.

The Explorers is building an unprecedented archive to record and share the diversity of natural spaces whose beauty touches the emotions of the viewer.

The Explorers is a modern and visual encyclopedia, composed of an encyclopedist team of our time. Each grain of sand, each insect, each breath of life that we capture illustrates the will of all those, who, through history, participated in a better understanding of the world, to know it and transmit this knowledge. It is to us now, humbly, to pursue this path with the new lights of this century, to contribute to preserve our common heritage, a blue globe we have to preserve if we want it to remain a human place.

Olivier Chiabodo

Our 4K Expeditions | The Explorers

Follow The Explorers' footsteps

Discovering the beauty of the world

The Explorers Team keeps going around the world to discover and inventory all its marvels, with the idea of making a census of life on Earth. Our different and varied expeditions bring us to the discovery of extraordinary lands that show the rich and abundant life on Earth, but also its fragility. Our travels have already taken us far and wide, to the islands of Polynesia with their magical lagoons, to the mysterious immensity of the Arctic, and to the magnificent Honduran wilderness. Our course, still a long way to go, will guide us towards the exploration of the mystery of life on Earth, in its fascinating beauty. We are able to capture the magic of these travels thanks to our team of passionate collaborators and our cutting-edge equipment.

Our heritage is our identity, our roots and our future.

Team | The Explorers

Our Team:

Professional and Passionate

A human adventure, a lifetime project

The Explorers, is above all the encounter of two men, Olivier Chiabodo and Jean-Pierre Morel. When these two passionate individuals met, the project of a lifetime was born: to make an inventory of the natural riches of our amazing planet and to produce images do the world's beauty justice. It needed time to achieve this extraordinary and ambitious project. It is now possible, thanks to the collaboration of a devoted team of explorers from all origins and backgrounds, with the help of the latest, most innovative imaging technologies.

In the team, there are Nature specialists, reporters, artists, technicians, all serving a great cause and a common objective. All are passionate, all are explorers, each one brings its talent and strength to create a team united by passion and adventure. The Explorers Team expresses in its diversity the essence of the project : showing the riches of our planet.

Team Explorers Olivier Chiabodo


Team leader

Team Explorers Jean Pierre Morel

Jean-Pierre MOREL

Producer & Creator

The Explorers, our scientists

This duo is supported by our scientific team, experts on Nature and animal life, they are experienced explorers who guide us and help us understand the living world. In close collaboration with our team, the local specialists of the different countries we explore, and without whom our adventures could not exist.

Team Explorers Venetia BRIGGS

Venetia BRIGGS

PhD - Wildlife Biologist

Team Explorers Agneta SJÖDIN



Team Explorers Olivier BEHRA

Olivier BEHRA


Team Explorers Frédéric DURAND

Frédéric DURAND

Naturalist, reptile specialist & entomologist

The Explorers, the crew

Directors, cameramen, chief operators, designers, photographers, artists, enthusiasts, technicians, drivers, reporters, writers, all Explorers, they constitute The Explorers Team.

Team Explorers Yann HUBERT


Submarine cameraman

Team Explorers Forest FINBOW


Chief operator

Team Explorers Patrick VANECLOO


Chief operator

Team Explorers Valentin PACAUT

Valentin PACAUT

Photographer & agricultural engineer

Team Explorers Senda BONNET


Chief operator

Team Explorers Roberto BATTISTINI



Team Explorers Patrick ARNAL

Patrick ARNAL

Illustrator - Graphic Artist

Team Explorers Olivier YOVANOVITCH


Chief operator

Team Explorers Maud LORTON


Technical assistant

Team Explorers Mathias SCHMITT



Team Explorers Marcel SEMRAU


Technical assistant

Team Explorers Hélène CARTIER


Reporter / Editorial manager

Team Explorers Eric VEYSSIÈRE


Aerial chief operator

Team Explorers Cindy CLUSEAU


Helicopter pilot

Team Explorers Jean-Claude ALBERT

Jean-Claude HALBERT

Video engineer

Team Explorers Bernard GUERRINI



Team Explorers Benjamine MONNEROT-DUMAINE


Editorial producer

Team Explorers Ben THOUARD



Team Explorers Bertrand MOURA

Bertrand MOURA


Team Explorers Pierre JOUBERT


Video editor

Team Explorers Sylvain TEISSIER


Sound engineer

Team Explorers Gregory MARTOGLIO


Chief operator and video editor

Team Explorers Alain Compost


Wildlife chief operator

Become an Explorers

If you want to join the team The Explorers, leave us your email, we will get back to you.

Technics | The Explorers

The technology we use captures

the beauty of the real world

Unmatched logistics and technology

Live our expeditions as if you were part of it. The 4K/UHD/HDR technology immerses you into The Explorers adventures. Lights, colors, details: you are at the heart of the action!

The Explorers is an adventure that aims at inventorying the beauty of our natural resources. The choice of a high technology equipment is thus a crucial part of our approach. The super pixelation of 4K/UHD technologies produces images of an astonishing realism. It puts you in the action and makes you an actor of our Expeditions. You become part of The Explorers and follow our adventures from within. The precision, the detail, the quality and the image definition make you see the world in a new way. You are no longer a viewer, but you enter the screen and live the action. In the middle of our studio-boat, with a gyrostabilized helicopter system shooting at 360° (Shotover K1), 4K/UHD/HDR cameras, Angénieux lenses on all cameras (land-based, aerial and submarine), make you feel like one of The Explorers.

About Technical Bateau Studio Explorers

Boat studio


About Technical VTT Explorers

All-terrain vehicle


About Technical Caissons Explorers

Camera case


About Technical Optique Explorers

Angénieux & Canon


About Technical Helicoptere Explorers

Ecureuil B2 bi-turbine


About Technical Adobe Explorers

Apple and Lacie


About Technical Camera Explorers

SONY F5 or F55 with RAW recorder


About Technical Regies Explorers

Apple and Adobe


About Technical Shot Over K1 Explorers

Shotover K1